• A Javanese Sarong

    Project: Sleeping Beauty – last episode

    As part of “Project: Sleeping Beauty” Dr. habil. Jani Kuhnt-Saptodewo (Curator Insular Southeast Asia Collection) and Barbara Pönighaus-Matuella (Textile Conservation) kiss back to life a Javanese Sarong.  

  • Feather bust of the War God Ku von Hawaii

    Projekt: Sleeping Beauty - Episode 7

    As part of “Project: Sleeping Beauty” HR Prof. Dr. Gabriele Weiss, curator for the Oceania and Australia Collection, kisses back to life a Feather bust.

  • The doors to Heaven and Earth

    Projekt: Sleeping Beauty - Episode 6

    As part of “Project: Sleeping Beauty” Dr. Christian Schicklgruber, curator for the Department of South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Himalayan countries, kisses back to life a protective amulet.

  • Wedding baskets

    Projekt: Sleeping Beauty - Episode 5

    Dr. Claudia Augustat, curator for Southamerika at the Weltmuseum Wien, brings to life wedding baskets

  • Ferdinand’s egg

    Projekt: Sleeping Beauty - Episode 4

    Dr. Axel Steinmann, curator for North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Siberia brings an ostrich egg back to life for our Project: Sleeping Beauty.

  • A horse-memorial stick

    Project: Sleeping Beauty - Episode 3

    Gerard van Bussel, curator for North and Central America at the Weltmuseum Wien, brings to life a horse-memorial stick.


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Project: Sleeping Beauty

Hidden treasures are awaken with a kiss!

A sheer endless array of objects is hidden in the depot of the Weltmuseum Wien. Treasures and valuable objects from all around the world have not been presented to the public before. Until now. As part of the Project: Sleeping Beauty our curators will present their favourite objects. A must see!


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