V.I.P. - Our Very Important Patrons and their Favorite Objects

Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer und die Doppelnackenstütze

Vera Russwurm und der Armschmuck

Georg Markus und das Smoking Cap

The Weltmuseum Wien
The Sponsoring Campaign

The Weltmuseum Wien possesses internationally unique cultural treasures from all five continents. It is the most important Museum in the country dedicated to non-European culture, and it reflects Austria's relationship with the world. The previous Museum of Ethnology is currently undergoing an extensive renovation: it will be completely reorganized and reopened at the end of 2017.

In fourteen impressive galleries the unique collections can be seen again in the imperial atmosphere of the Hofburg Palace on the Heldenplatz. The highly valuable objects represent over 500 years of collecting activities by the Habsburgs. The individual themes - migration, handicrafts and industry, sustainability, spirituality etc. – tell stories about their origin, their way to Austria, and their significance. Innovative and interactive presentations will enable visitors to gain new perspectives on culture, history and tradition.

From the new Museum Café, there is a view of the breathtaking Hall of Columns. This lobby will be freely accessible to the public and used as a stage for various events. A multifunctional Cube in the front of the entry area will draw prospective visitors into the Museum.

A large portion, but not all of the renovation costs will be provided by the Republic of Austria from tax funds. In order to complete the Weltmuseum Wien as intended, we nevertheless require additional financial support from donors and partners.

We need your help
For doing the costly renovations and conservation measures for the precious objects, as well as conducting research work in connection with the new exhibits and other culturally diverse events, we require your additional help There will also be a significant effort to position the Museum in the public eye along with an extensive education and outreach programs for children and youth.


With your tax-deductible donation you enable the Weltmuseum Wien,

  • To restore and maintain its valuable objects
  • To carry out research projects for the permanent exhibitions
  • To organize a diverse program of events
  • To inform the public adequately about the re-opening of the Weltmuseum Wien
  • To offer an extensive outreach program for children and youth

By becoming a Cultural Patron, you have the opportunity to choose your own personal favourite object in the Weltmuseum Wien for conservation in your name.

I would be delighted if you accompany the Weltmuseum  Wien on its journey into the future, and I thank you most warmly for your donation.
Dr. Steven Engelsman, Director