South America

The South American collection contains over 18,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects from all countries of the continent: from the northernmost Columbia to the furthest south of Argentina and Chile. Also the countries bordering the Caribbean, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and the French overseas department French Guiana are included in the colleting area.

The objects impressively mirror the cultural diversity of the South American continent. They document history and tell stories: of the era before the arrival of the Europeans in the Andes, of Amazonia’s mythical primeval period, of the relations of Indian cultures to each other and the arrival in a new land: of continuity and change, loss and growth.

The new installation of the permanent collection will be devoted to the Indian cultures of the Amazon region.

Selected objects

Steigbügelgefässe der Moche, Peru
Slg.: Varia
Objekte der Karajá, Brasilien
Slg.: Varia
Haushaltsgegestände der Saramaka, Surinam
Slg.: Claudia Augustat
Glücksbringer Ekeko, Bolivien
Slg.: Peter Kann
Objekte aus der Sammlung von Johann Natterer, Brasilien, Bolivien
Slg.: Johann Natterer


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