Anthropologist STINE KRØIJER & Photographer MIKE KOLLÖFFEL

25 May to 16 July 2019

About the Exhibition

About the Exhibition

Forest of Mirrors explores the figures and patterns that emerge when a forest mirrors itself in the black water lagoons of Bëweya. Inspired by Sieko-pai cosmology, the exhibition invites the spectator into an animate landscape.

Bëweya is part of the ancestral territory of the Sieko-pai, a Tukano-speaking indigenous group living on the Amazonian border between Ecuador and Peru. The group consider the forest to be an ecology of multiple beings - where humans, animals and spirits possess a common anthropomorphic essence that reveals itself in different forms or natures.

The exhibition is the result of joint fieldwork undertaken by anthropologist Stine Krøijer and photographer Mike Kollöffel between 2014 and 2017. As in Hermann Rorschach’s famous inkblot tests, the mirror invites the beholder to explore inner landscapes and perceptions of nature, and provides a window to another parallel forest and cosmology.

Forest of Mirrors is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Research Council for Independent Research and DJ Fotografernes Ophavsretsfond.

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