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Only until 8 January 2023

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Sacrifices in precarious times: from the Moche culture to the current climate crisis

Until 8 January 2023

Around 1,500 years ago, the Moche culture along the arid northern coast of Peru performed human sacrifices to mitigate climatic and ecological disasters caused by severe “El Niño” events. The precarious living conditions in consequence of “El Niño” have shaped societal structures and affected communities from Moche times until now. What can we learn from this past and our present to envision a better future?

The Moche

The Moche people constructed villages with elaborate irrigation systems for agriculture and ceremonial centres. As part of their material culture, the Moche left behind painted ceramic vessels illustrating scenes from everyday life, including battles and human sacrificial rituals. These vessels also depicted Moche portraits, mostly of warriors and religious figures, as well as plants and animals from their environment.

This showcase is part of the TAKING CARE Project,  co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Travel & Collections - S.M. Schiff Aurora, k.(u.)k. Kriegsmarine

12 November 2022 until 8 January 2023

From May 2022 until July 2023, the team of the research project "Travels & Collections" will be researching the collections of the ship Aurora, k.(u.)k. Kriegsmarine. The collections from the years 1886 – 1896, located in Weltmuseum Wien, contain over 400 objects from the Caribbean, Oceania, Africa and Asia, as well as 132 photographs. Based on 18 selected objects, the exhibition shows which questions are pursued, but also where the research faces its current limits. The aim of the project is to gain a better understanding of the collections by the k.(u.)k. Kriegsmarine, as acquisition took place in colonial contexts.

Donation Austrian Ethnomedical Society - A Selection of Popular Paintings from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

2 June 2022 until 8 January 2023

The ten works on display were acquired directly from the artists in Kinshasa by Armin Prinz (1945 - 2018) and represent a selection of the extensive donation received from the Austrian Ethnomedical Society in 2017. Even though this donation entered the museum's holdings before the start of the Corona pandemic, the paintings in particular address current topics: different positions on health and illness, access to medical care or the depiction of specific diseases.

In addition to the paintings from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the donation includes a large number of objects from all over the world that focus on health and disease and the sub-area of nutrition from various collectors who gathered them in the course of their research projects.

About the Open Storage

About the open storage

The setup of the open storage is rather pragmatic. On the one hand, it is still a depot with a clear focus on the pragmatic “storage” of objects without any specific explanations or the presentation of individual objects in the foreground. On the other hand, it is also quite pragmatic in terms of the displayed objects’ qualities or properties: old next to young, sacred next to profane, rare next to mass-produced goods, and unique next to serial objects.      

The name Galleries of Marvel reinforces the exhibition character of the presentation. Intended as an invitation for visitors to take a closer look, they should not simply walk by but rather stay for a while and marvel at the many different objects. The open storage strives to captivate its visitors and excite them not only for the great extent of the collections but also for the diversity of human cultural expression.

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Images of human being

Images of the human being

The human body is a central motif in the creation of art. Human figures do not always represent specific individuals but occasionally also abstract ideas or beings from other worlds. At the same time, abstract representation may also refer to actual people in real life. And not everything is recognised as a human being right away either.

Faces as reflected in masks play a vital role in communication. A face inevitably stirs up emotions and often requires just a few hints to become a clear message. All it takes are a few lines and dots for a ☺ to have an effect on us.

Cultural Patronage

Cultural Patronage

Did you fall in love with a particular artwork during your visit to the Galleries of Marvel? By adopting an artwork from one of our collections you help us preserve our rich holdings for future generations.
In return for your commitment and support, we offer unexpected insights into our collections, and the opportunity to learn about the research conducted by our curators. And becoming a patron does not have a time limit – your name will forever be connected with your “godchild” in the museum’s electronic inventory.
Treat your loved ones to a very special gift – adopt an artwork for your children or grandchildren, or as a unique present to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding. Join us and support art!

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