A whole afternoon for kids

The world is made up of many wonderful continents. Each week is dedicated to another region, and there is so much to see, know, and learn. Depending on where people live, they have different religions, clothes, dances, or fairy tales. Short guided tours of the collection, hands-on exhibits, and techniques to try out will introduce you to the everyday lives of other people and the many things you have in common.

Age  3–6 years
Duration: 60 minutes
When: every Friday, 2 pm and last Sunday in the month, 11 am

Age 7–12 years
Duration: 90 minutes
When: every Friday, 3.30 pm and last Sunday in the month, 2 pm

Meeting point: Hall of Columns
Admission: € 4
Please register at:
+43 1 534 30-5150


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