The Power of Things

Scenes of migration

Co-production: Group Balduck/ Weltmuseum Wien
The Weltmuseum Wien  becomes a stage for dialogues between people and objects. Visitors are guided from object to object, from scene to scene, on staged tours.

Admission: € 19 / reduced € 11
Reduced tickets for students, annual ticket holder, Ö1 Club, WMW Friends
Free admission for “Kulturpass” holders


Artists from different backgrounds and museum staff connect the stories of the objects with their own stories. The uniqueness of the objects draws attention to the uniqueness of the people. In performative scenes, they present the museum as a collection of traces of the history of people’s movements and their artworks or utensils that travelled through continents and times with or without them. In doing so, they ask questions about their origins and critically reflect on the possibility of their return.

This theatrical evening that progresses through various stations is put on by the Badluck group. In recent years, this group has appeared at the Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom with three theatre productions on reasons why people flee their countries and the experiences of refugees in Austria.

With: Bagher Ahmadi, Karrar Alsaedi, Stella Asiimwe, Muhammet Ali Bas, Irina Eder, Mahsa Ghafari, Ahmad Hamayun, Gerhard Kirsch, Max Kolten, Mela Maresch, Jamal Mataan,
Cat Monroe Davis, Lea Nagel, Bärbel Nowitzki, Pia Razenberger, Negin Rezaie,
Hayder Saad, Ahmed Sabah, Christian Schicklgruber, Aminata Seydi und
Markus Stolberg/Nikolaus Kinsky

Dramaturgy: Marie-Therese Handle-Pfeiffer / Thomas Bischof
Artistic collaboration: Muhammet Ali Bas / Andreas Orsini Rosenberg
Scientific advisory: Axel Steinmann
Editorial collaboration: Mahsa Ghafari
Theatre pedagogy: Natascha Soufi


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