The Weltmuseum Wien is closed and will be restructured from the ground up. Join us in looking forward to the reopening in autumn 2017!
Debido a su remodelación total, el museo permanecerá cerrado hasta el otoño del 2017.

Reconstruction of the Weltmuseum Wien

With its comprehensive collections of ethnographic exhibits, historical photographs and books on non-European cultures the Weltmuseum Wien is internationally one of the most important institutions of its kind.  Its origins date back to 1806, in 1928 it was opened as “Museum of Ethnology” on its current location in the Corps de Logis of the Neue Burg, and was renamed Weltmuseum Wien in 2013. In 2014 it closed due to reconstruction and will reopen in autumn 2017.

The conceptual redesign of the Weltmuseum Wien now features 14 distinct exhibition rooms with 3127 objects exploring supra-regional issues in greater depth. The focus is on unique cultural treasures from all over the world and the stories they have to tell. The aim is to communicate to visitors the cultural diversity of the contents, stories and ways of life in a way that is as entertaining as possible, awakening a fascination for the new permanent exhibition, but also generating a thrilling enthusiasm and curiosity for the exciting special exhibitions – in a word, to stimulate all the senses and offer an unforgettable experience.

See now what you can expect in 2017.