Tue, 23 Jul

3 pm

Collective felting action

Workshop in front of the Weltmuseum Wien

300 min
Participation: free

Experience a collective felting activity in front of the breathtaking facade of the Weltmuseum Wien! Under the expert guidance of Karin Altmann from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, we cordially invite you to become part of this workshop.

Felt - a material full of contrasts and meanings: Soft and warm, protective and insulating, sensual and tactile. But also messy, unstructured and resistant. A material that has accompanied and inspired people's lives for thousands of years.

Together we will immerse ourselves in the world of felting, explore its unique properties and discover the social and communicative aspects of its production. Whether you already have experience in felting or just want to be inspired - everyone is welcome to join this creative community.

No registration is required and you can join at any time.

Join us and create a piece of art in front of the Weltmuseum Wien!

The workshop is organised in cooperation with KultEurasia & Österreichisch-Kirgisischen Gesellschaft.

Duration: 5 hrs.
Free participation
No registration
Meeting point: in front of the museum

© Karin Altmann
300 min
Participation: free

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