Tue, 4 Apr

7 pm

The “World Connector” Georges Nagelmackers: Monsieur Orient Express

Lecture by Gerhard Rekel from his book Monsieur Orient Express: Wie es George Nagelmackers gelang, Welten zu verbinden (How George Nagelmackers Succeeded in Connecting Worlds).

45 min
Participation with valid museum ticket

“Georges Nagelmackers has initiated something completely new for Europe: He has managed to overcome borders without waging war.” – Baudouin Nagelmackers, member of the family

The Orient Express is considered the most famous train in the world. Agatha Christie, Graham Greene, and finally Hollywood made it a myth. But what is the history of the Orient Express, who put it on the tracks, what was the vision behind it? Around 1880, the signs in Europe were pointing to nationalism, many European countries were striving for a position of great power and were sealing themselves off. At this time, a man emerges who wants to unite the European states: Georges Nagelmackers (1845–1905). Despite prejudice, xenophobia, and bureaucratic obstacles, the railway pioneer succeeds in connecting Paris with Constantinople from 1883 onwards and builds up a network of over 180 European night train connections.

Georges Nagelmackers’ life story, staged by Gerhard Rekel and accompanied by splendid contemporary illustrations, is a plea for the tenacious pursuit of a vision, the clever play across borders, and the belief in diversions: geographically, politically, and humanly.

Further Information: https://www.kremayr-scheriau.at/bucher-e-books/titel/monsieur-orient-express/

An event of the Weltmuseum Wien Friends.

Duration: 45 min.
The lecture is free of charge (valid museum ticket required, free entrance for members of the Weltmuseum Wien Friends)
Registration: friends@weltmuseumwien.at
Meeting Point: WMW Forum

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[Translate to English:] Der "Weltenverbinder" Georges Nagelmackers: Monsieur Orient-Express. Gerhard J. Rekel. 2022. © Kremayr & Scheriau
45 min
Participation with valid museum ticket

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