We will reopen on 25 October 2017

with an open-air show by André Heller

After three years of reconstruction the time has finally come: the new Weltmuseum Wien will open its doors on 25 October 2017 to present its unique cultural treasures from all five continents. Join us in celebrating this grand reopening with an open-air show curated by André Heller at the Heldenplatz at 7 pm.


A sensual kaleidoscope of different cultures

The new Weltmuseum Wien presents itself as a venue for connecting cultures and people in unique fashion. As such, the Museum is dedicated to the cultural diversity of humankind and strives to document the diverse historical ties between Austria and the world in its collections from all around the globe. The significance of the institution has inspired the versatile artist André Heller to curate the open-air show on October 25th. Together with international artists, he will celebrate the grand reopening of the new Weltmuseum Wien on the Heldenplatz stage and light a beacon of tolerance, respect, and cooperation. Visitors are invited to experience the many different free performances of extraordinary artists, some of which will be in Austria for the first time. Join us and explore a sensual kaleidoscope of theatrical and musical fragments from different cultures all over the world.

Open house

"A special gift on the occasion of the National Day" – open house

After the opening celebration on October 25th, the Weltmuseum Wien will be finally open to visitors after three years of closed doors. Visitors will be able to discover the new Museum free of charge deep into the night until 1 am. This offer also extends to October 26th, the Austrian National Day, from 1 pm to 9 pm.

The New Weltmuseum Wien

New Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions

The grand reopening will not only reveal the new permanent exhibition but also to five temporary exhibitions by contemporary artists on the ground and mezzanine floor, where you will explore ethnographic issues from a whole new perspective combined with contemporary highlights. While the new cook café & bistro caters to the needs of visitors in the Hall of Columns, the WMW Shop boasts an exciting range of products.

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