The Art of Being a World Culture Museum

Photography by Wolfgang Thaler

Since 16 February 2019
On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation concluded between the two monarchies Japan and Austria-Hungary in 1869, Weltmuseum Wien will feature a new exhibition from the collection of the daimyō family Hosokawa opening in April 2019. The members of this elite clan of samurai warriors had served the shogun since the Muromachi period (1333–1568). The generals of the Hosokawa family not only went into battle for their shoguns but also assisted in the field of administration as military governors. Starting the Edo period (1600–1868), the family was based in the Kumamoto domain.    

About the exhibition

About the exhibition

This exhibition shows a selection of photos by Wolfgang Thaler from the book The Art of Being a World Culture Museum, which gives a glimpse of the variety and practices of ten museums in Europe by giving a lively insight into exhibition ambiances, work environments, museums architecture, and the collections. The visual narrative focuses on context rather than objects and enables us to gaze behind the scenes of museum work and to discover angles that are usually concealed from the visitors.

The book, which forms the basis for this exhibition, was edited by Barbara Plankensteiner, published by Kerber Verlag and produced in the frame of the project SWICH (Sharing a World of Inclusion, Creativity and Heritage), co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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