The Majlis

Cultures in Dialogue

17 September 2019 to 27 July 2020
The international travelling exhibitionThe Majlis - Cultures in Dialogue of the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al-Thani Museum in Doha, Qatar will be on show at the Weltmuseum Wien after its stops in Valletta and Paris. The Majlis has shaped the Arabic and Islamic people for centuries, serving as a centre for social encounters, for political debates and decisions, and for teaching and discussion. Technically defined as a ‘sitting place’, the Majlis has in fact always been much more. It has been an integral part of Arabic society, the heart and soul of communities, the setting for passionate discussions and joyous celebrations.

About the exhibition

About the exhibition

The Majlis — Cultures in Dialogue offers a platform for discussions about relevant cultural issues, fostering the creation of original perspectives through collective thinking. It aims to initiate meaningful connections between people and cultures by stimulating an enriched dialogue.
At the heart of the exhibition, both physically and conceptually, is the Majlis, the space of hospitality and dialogue present in every home in the Arabian Peninsula. For hundreds of years, families have used the Majlis to welcome and entertain guests, to interact with foreign travelers, to educate their children and to make big and small decisions relating to their communities.
Visitors to The Majlis — Cultures in Dialogue are invited to use the central Majlis in the same way. You can play a board game, listen to records, greet other guests, learn about their cultures, share your own, or start a dialogue about the exhibition.
The Majlis — Cultures in Dialogue is only the beginning of a much broader project to connect people, beliefs and cultures by creating opportunities for respectful, yet incisive dialogue to take place





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