H.M. Corvette Saida: Collections in the Weltmuseum Wien

Building on the previous projects on the collections of the ships Frundsberg and Aurora, the project highlights objects associated with the ship Saida. His Majesty's Ship Saida was built in 1878 and sailed from the main naval harbour of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in Pula, Croatia. From 1884 to 1897, ship's doctors and other crew members collected objects, partly on behalf of the museum, during four so-called training voyages.


About the project

This ship was chosen because of the long period of time and the wide geographical distribution of the collections. In the course of the project, the history and biography of individual objects will be researched on an exemplary basis. On the one hand, the selected collections concern objects with recorded names of the original owners or collectors who were not part of the Austro-Hungarian navy. On the other hand, collections with particular sensitivities such as grave goods and the delicate nature of human materials were also selected for closer examination. In addition, biographies of the people involved, where recorded, will be compiled for contextualisation purposes.


December 2023 to March 2025




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