Wir stehen für Frieden und verurteilen den Krieg gegen die Ukraine.

Freier Eintritt

Freier Eintritt mit Kulturpass Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur

Mit dem Kulturpass Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur erhalten Menschen mit finanziellen Engpässen sowie alle geflüchteten Menschen, freien Eintritt in die Museen des KHM-Museumsverbands.

Mehr Informationen zum Projekt und wer den Kulturpass bekommen kann finden Sie hier

Caritas Nothilfe für die Ukraine

Caritas Nothilfe für die Ukraine

Die Menschen in der Ukraine brauchen jetzt unsere Hilfe!

Die Caritas ist seit 30 Jahren in der Ukraine aktiv. Die aufgebauten Strukturen in der östlichen Ukraine und im gesamten Land ermöglichen es, sofort zu helfen.  Die Caritas Ukraine ist auch jetzt in der Region präsent, hunderte lokale Caritashelfer*innen sind im Einsatz. Mit 25 Euro helfen Sie mit einem Nothilfepaket, das Zucker, Mehl, Tee, Sonnenblumenöl, Butter und Lebensmittelkonserven enthält.

Bitte spenden Sie unter www.caritas.at/ukraine  oder unter

IBAN AT23 2011 1000 0123 4560
Kennwort Ukraine Nothilfe


ICOM Statement

Statement of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), concerning the Russian invasion into Ukraine, February 24, 2022

As of 24 February 2022, military forces from the Russian Federation have invaded Ukraine. The International Council of Museums (ICOM) strongly condemns this violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. ICOM is especially concerned about the risks faced by museum professionals as well as the threats to cultural heritage because of this armed conflict. ICOM expects both countries, as States Parties of the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the event of armed conflict and its First Protocol, to abide by their international legal obligations to protect heritage.

Already this conflict is deeply distressing and likely to result in an unacceptable loss of life, therefore ICOM calls for a swift ceasefire, immediate mediation between belligerents, and coordinated efforts to ensure the safety of museum personal and protect cultural heritage.  In times of conflict and uncertainly like these, ICOM must also express its deep concern the implications this uncertainty will have on the safety and security of ICOM members, museum personnel and cultural heritage in Ukraine.

After first securing their own safety, ICOM advises all its members to recall their professional obligations under the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums to preserve, maintain and promote heritage and ensure their museums and collections are protected against all varieties of risk, including in conflict. Furthermore, ICOM advises all interested parties that there are many online free and accessible tools which can help in crises such as this, including but not limited to: ICOM and UNESCO Museums Security and Disaster Preparedness in Running a Museum: Practice Handbook, ICCROM First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis – Toolkit or UNESCO and ICCROM Endangered heritage: emergency evacuation of heritage collections.

In addition, ICOM invites members of civil society to reach out to their local museums to assist them, if possible, with the ways and means to protect their buildings and collections. As important centres for education, study and enjoyment in local communities, it is important that museums – crucial reference points for local communities – are supported by their local communities.

Finally, outside of the immediate area of conflict, this crisis will provide an opportunity for unscrupulous individuals to profit from the threats to heritage. ICOM warns all interested parties to be vigilant for potential increases in the smuggling of cultural materials coming from the region, and ICOM reminds all national governments in the region of their international legal obligations to protect moveable cultural heritage under the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, and the 1995 UNIDROIT Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects, not to mention the other international cultural conventions for the protection of humanities common cultural heritage.

ICOM is working closely with its international partners and stakeholders in the region and monitoring the situation as it evolves. ICOM will continue to offer whatever support it can to alleviate any potential threats the heritage of Ukraine may face in the uncertain days and weeks to come.

For the complete statement click here.


Digitales Exil

Digitales Exil des Nationalen Historischen Museums der Ukraine

Angesichts des Krieges gegen die Ukraine möchten wir eine Auswahl der Sammlung des Nationalen Historischen Museums der Ukraine (MIST) auf unseren Kanälen  sichtbarmachen, um dazu beizutragen, das kulturelle Erbe der Ukraine vor Plünderung und Zerstörung zu schützen.

Weitere Informationen über das Nationale Historische Museum der Ukraine finden Sie hier https://nmiu.org/.

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